Downtown Vancouver Association
Arts and Cultures Forum

“A Communication Centre for the Arts”

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 ~ 7:30 am to 9:00 am
BCIT Downtown Campus, Room 483, 555 Seymour Street

Vancouver offers abundant opportunities for residents and visitors to experience a diversity of arts and cultural activities and events. Although we have earned a reputation as a city that contributes substantially to the cultural, social, and economic well-being of our community, we face challenges in our rapidly changing environment

How do we connect and engage our business communities with our artistic and creative communities? Why do we need to be concerned? What opportunities do we have?

Our heritage theatres – the York Theatre, the Pantages Theatre, and the Vogue Theatre – illustrate an immediate concern. Can we afford to lose these historic facilities? Where can we go to find information, to express our opinions, and to contribute ideas on how we can save and restore our theatres?

The Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum is a communication centre designed to contribute to our arts communities, our business communities, and the many other communities that make Vancouver a thriving, vibrant, creative, and cultural place to live, to visit, and to do business.

Join us for a conversation with Roger Chilton, Chair of the DVA Arts and Cultures Committee, to learn how the Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum could operate as a self-sustaining cooperative enterprise. Invite your friends and colleagues who have an interest in Vancouver’s lively arts and cultural scene, who are curious about how we can connect businesses with our arts and cultural communities, and who would like to participate in the conversation.