Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance

Moving forward together

Ottawa, December 8, 2008

Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance, a collaboration of the Canadian Dance Assembly,, Orchestras Canada and the Professional Association of Canadian Dance Theatres, concluded its first-ever meeting, committed to the underscoring of the role of Canada’s performing arts organizations and artists in communities, big and small, from coast to coast. Building from a position of strength, we are looking to work with government and community builders to collaborate on proactive measures that will maximize the benefit Canadians enjoy from the arts.

Deeply concerned about the potential impact of the current economic crisis on communities across Canada and in particular their theatres, orchestras, dance and opera companies, members of the joint boards forged common cause to ensure the structural and resource ability of performing arts organizations. This forum explored policy responses to address the volatility facing companies in every corner of the country. As a significant contributor to Canada’s economy and the quality of life of Canadians, the performing arts sector came together to urge all levels of governments to ensure that the arts are part of any economic stimulus package.

Drawing on experiences and lessons from both inside and outside of Canada, leaders of Canada’s performing arts sector found common ground to fortify their collective impact, nationally and in their communities. Robert Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts, spoke passionately and convincingly about the need to engage Canadians from all walks of life and to reach out to community builders from all sectors, including citizens, business and the third sector.

At the meeting, participants considered the success of Culture pour tous and their flagship event les Journées de la culture in providing access to and participation in the arts for over 350,000 people annually in more than 300 Québec municipalities. Participants were unanimous in endorsing a national public arts engagement campaign.

Representatives of the Canadian Public Arts Funders briefed the meeting on their collaborative approach aimed at improving communications, efficiency and transparency for the benefit of artists, arts organizations, and Canadians. The importance of coordinating networks and communications was applauded by all.

The founding meeting of Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance drew together the board members of the Canadian Dance Assembly,, Orchestras Canada and the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. Together we represent over 850 performing artists and arts organizations across the country. Representatives of l’Association des théâtres francophones du Canada, Canadian Arts Presenters Association, the Canadian Conference of the Arts and the Association of Canadian Choral Communities were invited to this first-ever gathering.

Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance is committed to being at the forefront of arts advocacy in Canada, working with the Canadian Arts Coalition, the Canadian Conference for the Arts, Imagine Canada and others.

Canada’s Performing Arts Alliance

The Canadian Dance Assembly exists to facilitate the dynamic exchange of information relevant to Canadian professional dance of all forms and aesthetics, and strives to cultivate a strong national voice for Canadian professional dance and to support the development of resources for this field of artistic expression.
Canadian Dance Assembly

Orchestras Canada is the united national voice of Canadian orchestras and a focal point for industry intelligence and collective action working to create the conditions in which Canadian orchestras can thrive.
Orchestras Canada is the national association for opera in Canada working across the country to advance the interests of Canada’s opera community and create greater opportunity for opera audiences and professionals alike.

The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres is the collective voice of professional Canadian theatres, a leader in the national performing arts community, and an advocate for the value of live performance providing a community where theatre practitioners can come together to discuss important issues of the day and work together to create innovative solutions.
Professional Association of Canadian Theatres

The Canadian Arts Presenting Association serves the performing arts touring and presenting community to integrate the performing arts into the lives of all Canadians and serves to further provocative, informative and important dialogue on a national level.
The Canadian Arts Presenting Association

The Ripple Effect of the Performing Arts

For Canadians, the highest rated benefits of the performing arts in communities are energy and vitality. Exposure to different cultures eventually leads to better intercultural understanding. Pride in one’s community and a sense of belonging are fostered through these shared experiences. The performing arts enhance the quality of life of Canadians in communities from coast to coast, and contribute to greater health and well-being, social cohesion, and creativity.

from The Ripple Effect of the Performing Arts – Film
Canadian Arts Presenting Association