Book Warehouse

On entering a Book Warehouse store, our customers find literally thousands of interesting and irresistibly-priced titles in a pleasantly relaxing environment.

We pride ourselves on our comfortable in-store environment with excellent music played over high quality sound systems and places to sit, read, converse and drink coffee.

All of Book Warehouse’s standard bookstore titles are discounted at least 20 per cent from the list price.

One of our operating principles is to use local suppliers to the greatest extent possible. Over 80% of our standard bookstore inventory comes from local suppliers. We are proud of the support we give our local book infrastructure as well as the fact that no other operation can make such a claim. We support our suppliers by paying our bills quickly and by practically never returning books. We would rather give our customers a bargain by marking down a title.

Book Warehouse is a local business, founded by prominent Western Canadian musicians in 1980 as a cultural diversification from our involvement in variety television production. Our Vancouver operation has grown over twenty years and we’re proud to say that there’s nothing like it anywhere else in Canada.

Photo: Arts Season Bookmarks