Community Arts Council of Vancouver

Since its beginning in 1946, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver has been a contributor to shaping the cultural life of Vancouver. The Council has been a powerful force in creating and advocating for many of the institutions, traditions and policies in Vancouver that we benefit from today.


The Community Arts Council was instrumental in the creation of the Vancouver Playhouse, the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the Vancouver Museum and Planetarium, the UBC School of Music, the first Vancouver Film Festival, and many other cultural institutions and events we take for granted.

Heritage Vancouver began as a committee of the Community Arts Council and separated in 1991 to become the first independent heritage group in Vancouver. It operates today as an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Vancouver’s built, cultural, and natural heritage.

The Community Arts Council of Vancouver played a vital role in the preservation of Gastown and in the initiation of the heritage preservation movement. CACV also advocated for street banners, outdoor furniture, and the cherry trees that line Vancouver’s streets.


In the next few years we will attract and engage community leaders and the people who have the ability to provide the resources and collaborate with them in determining the critical initiatives that will accelerate the cultural and community development of our city.

Our biggest priority and greatest opportunity is our Downtown Eastside community which is rich in history and cultures and the neighbourhood with the largest population of artists per capita in British Columbia.