Heritage Vancouver

Heritage Vancouver’s interests are to increase appreciation of Vancouver’s heritage structures and neighbourhoods and to improve our community’s ability to protect, preserve, and restore our built heritage.

Heritage structures are community landmarks and tangible expressions of our past that contribute to the character, attractiveness, and quality of life in our neighbourhoods. They define our communities, connect us to our history, and create a legacy for future generations.

Heritage Vancouver creates relationships with the architectural, business, arts, historic, cultural, conservation, and development communities around ideas, initiatives, and enterprise that contribute to creating a future for our heritage.

How we contribute

To increase community appreciation of our built heritage we

  • host events in heritage buildings
  • present talks on our heritage structures and neighborhoods
  • conduct tours of our historic neighborhoods
  • produce learning materials for students
  • prepare reports on the history, significant features, and importance of individual heritage structures
  • publicize initiatives that successfully preserved heritage structures
  • support the creation of films, books, articles, exhibits, and photo galleries
  • publish information online for community learning

To contribute to improving protection for at risk heritage structures we

  • connect our community to opportunities to protect Vancouver’s heritage
  • publish an annual list of Vancouver’s top ten most endangered heritage structures
  • publish reports to keep people informed about threatened heritage structures
  • host community forums to engage our community in conversations about opportunities to protect our built heritage
  • assist individuals, businesses, and community groups in initiatives to preserve heritage structures

To contribute to improving government legislation, policies, and incentives to protect our built heritage we

  • identify and recommend structures to be listed on the City’s Heritage Register
  • write letters, articles, and news releases to publicize opportunities to protect heritage structures and historic neighbourhoods
  • recommend actions to City Council and other local government bodies to protect heritage structures
  • work with officials at all levels of government to create legislation, policies, and incentives to protect our built heritage
  • work with community groups to explore actions to protect specific heritage structures
  • recommend legislation, policies, and incentives to all levels of government to protect our built heritage

To create relationships around initiatives which contribute to creating a future for our heritage we

  • create learning opportunities and experiences with Vancouver museums, historical societies, and the City archives
  • provide learning materials and experiences for students in schools
  • create heritage and arts events with arts and culture organizations
  • publicize heritage stories and historical and architectural features of Vancouver’s heritage structures and neighbourhoods with community groups
  • prevent towers in historic neighbourhoods, restore the heritage density bank, and create more incentives to assist heritage building restoration in collaboration with owners, businesses, and community groups
  • explore ideas and opportunities to protect heritage by creating relationships with organizations in other cities and communities
  • distribute heritage information through community leaders
  • engage our creative community in projects to excite interest in our heritage
  • create and promote heritage walking tours with community historians

We invite our community to contribute to creating a future for our heritage in Vancouver


Learn about and experience our heritage through events, tours, forums, and films.

Inform Heritage Vancouver about heritage preservation opportunities in your neighbourhood.

Become a contributor or member of Heritage Vancouver to demonstrate your interest in preserving heritage structures and neighbourhoods.

Get involved with Heritage Vancouver organizing events, writing articles, giving a talk, leading a tour, or communicating with your community.


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