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Stories Planned

The Forum plans to feature the stories below. Stories of ideas, initiatives, and enterprises that contribute to the cultural development of our community are welcome. If you have a story to tell email


Creating Connections with the Arts

ArtsDirect is a communication centre for artists, arts presenters, and community businesses to create connections with audiences to inform them about events and opportunities. It gives artists and arts presenters the ability to communicate personally to the interests of their audiences, gives community businesses the opportunity to come to know their customers better, and gives us the information and connections we are looking for and the opportunity to explore the art of creating. The communication centre is financed by a voluntary reward system that works with point of sale terminals and magnetic cards.

The Artists Voice

Introducing our Artists

The Artists Voice gives artists the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work to other artists, art buyers, art students, art schools, art galleries, and arts audiences. The Artists Voice is a cooperative communication centre – a gathering place for artists to communicate in a personal way, showcase their work, and talk about the ideas and feelings that created their art. Audiences are also informed about venues where artists show their work in galleries, cafes, hotels, businesses, and public places.


Creating Excitement for the Arts

Why don’t we create an hour that happens once a week, or perhaps every weekday, right after work… a creative and cultural experience worth staying around for, rather than going straight home? ArtsHour is a cooperative program to excite people to explore and experience the arts, and to engage community businesses to participate. ArtsHour gives artists and arts presenters the opportunity to create open, informal, creative experiences in cafes, restaurants, retail stores and malls, public spaces, and unexpected venues.

Northwest Indian Market

Showcasing the Native Arts of the Pacific Northwest

The Santa Fe Indian Market brings together and showcases gifted Native American artists from the United States in an extended weekend of beauty and celebration. It has become the world’s largest and most highly acclaimed Native American arts show and New Mexico’s largest attended annual event. Widely known as the place where Native American art and culture meets the world, the Indian Market advances the careers of many of today’s noted American Indian artists. This will create a similar market for native peoples in British Columbia.

Centre A

Creating Connections through Art

The Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is a portal in Vancouver for exploring, experiencing, and appreciating Asian arts and cultures through contemporary art exhibitions, media arts, performance, symposia, and other learning programs. Centre A serves the interests of audiences in Vancouver, Canada, Asia, and other parts of the world, – creating connections, conversations, and relationships through contemporary creative expression, to increase our appreciation of the value and contribution of our unique cultures.

National Museum of Women in the Arts – Vancouver

Celebrating the Creative Achievements of Women

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington contains the single most important collection of visual art by women with many chapters in countries around the world. The Friends of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Vancouver is dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the work of women artists in Canada.

Community Arts Network

Creating Community through the Arts

The arts are a powerful resource in the development of the community. The Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network facilitates and supports accessible opportunities for participation, creative expression, and experience through arts and cultural activities for all in the community who are interested. The Community Arts Network consists of people, groups, and organizations who collaborate to plan, organize, and create arts programs in the Downtown Eastside and facilitate cooperation within and beyond the community.

National Gallery of Aboriginal Art

Exploring Our Roots

The National Gallery of Aboriginal Art will showcase the rich history and contributions of aboriginal peoples and cultures to Canada and the world. The Bill Reid Foundation created the idea for the gallery which could be opened in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The Gallery will provide an opportunity for people from all cultures to explore our aboriginal cultures and their creative expression.

Vancouver Sculpture Biennale

Open Spaces

Vancouver’s International Sculpture Biennale, draws attention to Vancouver’s parks and public spaces. The open-air sculpture exhibition features works of contemporary art from internationally celebrated artists from around the world in public parks and outdoor spaces, making them accessible for everyone to enjoy at any time. The art creates points of interest in the outdoor spaces of Vancouver. The focus is the exploration and appreciation of contemporary sculpture, and an appreciation of Vancouver’s open public spaces. The Biennale is the largest public art exhibition in Vancouver and the only event of its kind in North America.