The Vancouver Arts Forum began as the Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum, a community forum introduced by the Downtown Vancouver Association at the Downtown Campus of Simon Fraser University in 2005, and later at Centre A, the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Arts in 2006 on the sixtieth anniversary celebration of the Downtown Vancouver Association.

The Forum was introduced with a question, an observation, and an opportunity.

“If our cultural development contributes to our community development, our social development, and our sustainable economic development, what contributes to our cultural development?

Vancouver is a community of diverse cultures, a city of ideas, and a centre for the arts. We have the opportunity and resources to increase our contribution to our cultural and community development.

The idea of the Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum is to create a place where community leaders could learn about and explore opportunities, ideas, and initiatives that could contribute positively to the cultural development of our community and to creating Vancouver as a centre for the arts.”

The Vancouver Arts Forum is a creative centre to explore where we are now and our interests as a community, our ideas about what we can do which could contribute to our interests, and what opportunities we can create to excite creative enterprise and creative contribution to the evolution of Vancouver as a centre for the arts.

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